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Ramping up conservation: Researchers help an Appalachian delicacy stay on the menu


A team of researchers is developing methods to grow ramps in contained environments. These studies could allow farmers to grow on land that isn’t used for current crops, boosting profits while lessening the burden on wild ramp populations.

Powered by food (waste): Virginia Tech researchers discover potential method to convert food waste into batteries

What do apple cores, spent grain, and walnut shells have in common? They could one day be used to power a data center. As the world works toward economically and environmentally friendly ways to power these devices, two Virginia Tech researchers investigate how food waste and its associated biomass can be converted into rechargeable batteries.

Virginia Tech Soil Judging Team takes home sixth national championship

The 2021 Virginia Tech Hokies Soil Judging Team tool first place among 21 teams to claim the inaugural Virtual National Soil Judging Championship – the team’s sixth overall – held April 5-16.

Virginia Tech professor Justin Lemkul (left) and student

Virginia Tech researchers study how common nutritional supplements may protect against traumatic brain injuries in sports

To address the prevalence of sub-concussive impacts in athletes, Virginia Tech researchers in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are studying how docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, usually inadequate in younger athletes’ diets, helps protect the brain from injury in a proof-of-concept study.