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Gabi Martinez

Biological Systems Engineering (2020)

Image of Gabi Martinez with a beaker

Research, Lab, and New Eyes

“I worked in a lab that focused on cataracts research. Beforehand, I never thought that the phrase ‘Have the eyes come in yet?’ could be real. More importantly though, I learned so much about the ocular lens and how it can be impacted. I can’t wait to see how the field of lens biomechanics expands and what new cataracts therapies will be discovered because of the research being done there!”

Sarah Thomas

Dairy Science (2020)

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Dairy, Writing, and A Dream

“I had the opportunity to serve as an editorial intern for Hoard’s Dairyman, the national dairy farm magazine. The publication began in 1885 and aims to provide new, innovative ideas for today’s dairy producers and professionals. My duties included sorting through recent dairy-related research, focusing on the youth portion of the magazine, writing articles on farms, and compiling information relating to the nation’s dairy cooperatives and four-year colleges.”

Nathan McDonald

Agricultural and Applied Economics (2021)

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Leadership, Camp, and Service

“I spent a week working with about 30 high schoolers in my small group, and 103 students total, at the 2019 Virginia FFA Association State Leadership Camp. We spent our time diving deeper into various leadership concepts, as well as doing community service projects around the area.”

Carter Roberts

Agricultural Technology (2020)

Image of Carter Roberts in tobacco field

Fields, Tobacco, and Research

“My internship at the Southern Piedmont Agricultural Research and Extension Center was an extremely valuable experience, and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity. We would receive soil samples or plant tissue from farmers, along with a brief description of symptoms of the disease they believed were present. We then would perform an assay on the sample and provide them with information on the disease and ways to prevent it. We also performed trials onsite for herbicide and fungicide applications. I enjoyed learning from the SPAREC staff. It is a great feeling to know that the work you do is helping farmers in the community and across the state to be successful.”

Matt Heinrich

Animal and Poultry Sciences (2020)

Image of Matt Heinrich holding sea turtle

Sea Turtles, Rehabilitation, and Hands-On Help

“My internship and research project gave me hands-on rehabilitation experience with some of the most interesting endangered reptiles out there. Working with sea turtles helped me use my education in animal and poultry sciences, both in terms of animal husbandry and scientific inquiry.”